VB Tutorial: Mysterious Pocket Folder

Hi there Villa Folx!

I needed some pocket folders for my planner and thought using the paper pack from the MYSTERIOUS VBKit would be perfect! 

For this tutorial you will need:

- Mysterious VBKit Paper Pack
- Planner Punch
- Paper Trimmer
- Scissors
- Double Sided Tape

I am creating these pocket folders for my half letter discbound planner. The paper folded is already the size I need! If your planner is smaller, you’ll need to trim down the paper first.

Step One
Trim a half inch off end of the paper. This is so that the edge of the folder isn’t too thick and it will punch easier.

This is how the pocket will face us. The piece closest to you will be what we cut next.
Step Two
Open the paper up with the crease facing toward you. Cut an angle or straight line from the trimmed side to the centerfold.
Step Three
Cut along the fold to where our first cut ended. Remove the excess paper.
Flip it over and it should look like this when you open it up.
Step Four
Add double sided tape to the bottom and right hand side edge of the paper. 
Step Five
Peel the backing off, fold over, and apply firm even pressure along the taped edges.
Step Six
Place the edge of the pocket folder in your planner punch and apply firm even pressure on the punch.
Now you’re done! Repeat the same steps for your second folder.
I’m using these to store stickers and the Mysterious VBKit Card! 

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read my blog post. If you do create a pocket folder, post it on Instagram and tag @shopvillabeauTIFFul and @plan_with_gabe. We’d love to see your creations!
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