VB Tutorial: VB Cork Board
Hey VillaBabes and VillaDudes!

Today we will be making a decorative/calendar cork board using the Au Revoir VBKit! This is a creative way to display your VB Journaling cards and VB Calendar Cards.

Materials Needed:
12 x 12 shadow frame
12 x 12 piece of cork
¼ inch ribbon
Clothes pins
VB Journaling Cards
VB Calendar cards
Die cuts
Washi Tape
Step 1) Insert your 12x12 cork medium into your frame.

Step 2) Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to 16 inches (length) and then wrap it around your frame. Secure the ribbon with double sided tape. 
Step 3) Once you tape the ribbon down, you can use a 12x12 piece of cardstock to cover the back.
Step 4) Decorate your frame with washi, die cuts, stickers etc… Whatever you would like!
Step 5) Next up, pre-plan your layout on the ribbon. 
Step 6) Hold your cards, photos etc. in place on the ribbons using the clothes pins.
And you are all set! Quick and really easy to create & change up as often as you'd like! I use this method to show off my fave die cuts, photos, journaling cards etc. You can even use this as a quick vision board.
Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed this DIY!

Until Next Time!
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