VB Tutorial: VBPen Gift Pocket
Hi everyone!! 

While I was browsing Pinterest for some crafty inspiration, I came across a paper project for making an origami pocket pouch. When I saw the finished product, I couldn't help but think of how cute it would be to use for gifting VBPens!! So for this tutorial, I'm using the July Fashionista VBKit to make a VBPen gift pocket.

Here's what I used:

* Fashionista VBKit Paper Pack (or printed out digital papers)
* Ruler
* Paper Trimmer/Scissors
* Adhesive
* Fashionista VBKit sticker book & washi tapes for decoration
* VBPen for marking measurements
* Bone folder 
For this project, the paper needs to be trimmed so that it's a square. The measurements will be 8"x8" but since the VBKit Paper Packs come folded & creased, I'm going to start in the middle at the crease & measure out 4" on each side. This will be helpful with this particular project since we'll be using the folds. 

If you're printing your own papers from the VBKit digitals instead, you can start your trimming anywhere. Just be sure to start your folds with the patterned side facing down if you don't print on both sides. 
Trim the paper so that it's 8" across, with the crease vertical in the middle.
Next, trim the other side so that the paper is 8" on each side. 
The first step for the folds is to fold the square in half to make a center crease. Thanks to our crease already being in the middle, this step is easy peasy. 

Next, unfold the paper into a square again.
Now fold the two outer sides so that they meet at the center crease. Then, unfold back into a square. You should have three crease lines at this point.

I used my bone folder to help make sure the folds stay creased. If you don't have a bone folder, you can use almost anything with a hard edge. With the folds closed, run the edge over the crease a few times to get it nice & crisp. I accidentally pressed down too hard on mine & frayed some of the edges, so learn from me & use a light touch LOL!
Next, fold the top right corner down so that it lines up with the third crease & makes a tiny right triangle.
Now fold the top left corner so that it meets the center crease & forms a larger right triangle.
Next, fold the entire right side over to meet the center crease. 
Then fold the left side over the right side. 
Take the overhanging portion from the left side and fold it around to the back. 
Congrats, you've finished the folding portion!! I'm using a clip to hold the pocket together in the photos below so you can see what it should look like on both sides before moving on to the next step. 
Because we started with an 8"x8" paper, we have room for more than one VBPen widthwise, but the pocket is a little too long for my liking. I've added a VBPen inside the pocket & next to it so you can get an idea of the spacing.
I trimmed a little bit off the bottom of the pocket so that there is still plenty of room for the pens to fit inside without it being longer than necessary. You can take off as much or as little as you want for this step, but make sure you measure how much space you'll need for your pens first!
Next, use adhesive to glue the back flap down to the layer of paper behind it.
To close the bottom of the pocket, I used some of the houndstooth Fashionista washi tape. I folded it over so that the middle of the washi was on the bottom crease, with the sides of the washi extending over the front & the back of the pocket.

I cut tiny triangles in the washi tape where it met the bottom corners of the pocket so that I could fold the excess washi onto the back of the pocket. 
Now for the fun part! Time to decorate!! 

You can use stickers, washi, or even some of the excess paper you trimmed off earlier. 
I lined the sides of the pocket with more washi & added a bouquet sticker to the front.

On the back, I combined a full box sticker with a gift box icon to make a gift label!
This was really fun to make & I will definitely be making more so I can keep practicing & improving my folds. You can test out different measurements to hold more or less VBPens & try regular printing paper vs cardstock with the digitals until you find which works best for your needs. 

As you may have guessed from my collection, I LOVE VBPENS!!! They also make great gifts & I'm looking forward to adding this project to my list of stocking stuffer ideas for the upcoming holidays. 

Thanks for reading!! 
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  • Pam S.: September 03, 2020

    I’m “craft” challenged, but this looks so cute and easy…will definitely be trying! Thanks so much!

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