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Hello VB Fam!

Last month, I posted how I used the Frostine PET tape to create a fun keychain and name plate in the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group. There were quite a few requests to explain the process, so I thought it was a great time to create another one using the Bits + Pieces pack from the En Plein Air VBKit. I also used the Phrases Small Sticker sheet from the same VBKit to embellish the design.

It is such a simple project that only requires a few additional supplies. Although this tutorial will be for a keychain, you can use this for any acrylic blank! Think bookmarks, desk name plates, coasters - the possibilities are endless! A quick search on Amazon for “Acrylic Blanks” will get your imagination going in overtime!

  • En Plein Air Bits + Pieces 
  • En Plein Air Small Sticker Sheet #4 - Phrases
  • Acrylic Keychain Blanks Kit from Amazon (I purchased this one
  • Jewelry Pliers  

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The first thing I did was to decide which of the pieces that I wanted to use. I knew I wanted to have a layered look using one of the gorgeous florals available. Once I settled on the stickers, I matched it with a tassel that was included with the keychain kit to complete the look.
Next, I decided to trim off the white border from the paint splash die cut sticker. I thought that it would help with the layered look. 
After getting the border removed, I placed it on the bottom of the blank. 
Then, I layered the flower die cut sticker on top of it. I placed it on the edge of the acrylic blank, allowing the edge of the floral sticker to hang off a bit. 
Once it was in place, I trimmed the floral sticker to fit the shape of the acrylic.
The next thing I did was to choose a phrase from the small sticker sheet and layer at the bottom of the keychain.
Once I was pleased with the overall design, it was time to assemble all of the pieces. I took my jewelry pliers and opened a jump ring. To open the ring, you would hold one side of it and then twist it apart. If you have trouble, you can also complete this step using two pliers, holding one in each hand to twist the ring open. Avoid pulling the ring apart as this would cause it to close unevenly and the pieces to fall off. Twisting it open is the key!

Using the pliers to hold the ring, I added the tassel. I have found that attaching the tassel to its own separate jump ring helps it to move more freely. 
Next, I added another jump ring to the one holding the tassel and attached the blank.
This turned out so cute! I’m sure I’ll be adding to my keychain collection by using more of the VB stickers + die cuts! Now, if you are the adventurous type, you can go one step further and add UV resin epoxy as a topcoat for the keychain to make it more durable, especially if you think you would use it a lot. I’ve never been able to master using resin, so I skipped this part. 

I can’t wait to see what you create! As for me, I think I’ll create some bookmarks next. 

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  • Vograce: September 23, 2023

    Great insights shared in this blog. I appreciate the valuable information you’ve provided.

  • Vanessa : July 29, 2023

    What a cute idea! I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. It is so pretty. I can’t wait to try this idea out.

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