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If you’re looking for a way to use the sticker book and accessories that were included in your Pink-A-Ween Mini VBKit after Halloween, this blog may just be the one for you. I loved this Mini VBKit and decided that I could use the images that weren’t theme-related to create a cute “Currently” page in my VBPlanner to start off the month of November. Since we are nearing the end of the year, I wanted to capture some of the things that I am focusing on. Plus, it will be fun to look back on it a year from now to see how my interests have changed.  Take a look at this quick project to see how it all came together.

VB Supplies used:
Other supplies used:
  • Tombow Brush Marker #772
  • Tombow Twin Tone Marker (black)
  • Scissors
  • Letter Stickers

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To start off, I used one of the Splash stickers to identify the month along the top of the page. I chose one of the light pink ones so that the print would still be visible. 
Then, I used the Dots Splatter washi to cover the headers at the top and bottom of the page. I actually doubled each strip because I could still see the print underneath when I only used one piece. Because of the random dot pattern, two strips covered up the text completely. I used the VB Acrylic Washi Cutter to clean up the edges.
My next task was to add my own header to the page. I am terrible at making things straight on a page with no lines (or dot grid), so I used my VB Acrylic Ruler that came with the Meadow VBKit to line up the individual letters.

This made it so easy to play around with placement before deciding where I wanted the title to go. After placing it in the center, I used a marker to add a line under the title.
The next step was to choose stickers. As I said before, I wanted to create a page that did not include the Halloween images. The box stickers and the roses page were perfect.

To make sure the stickers didn’t end up crowding the page, I cut the rose stickers in half and used them to draw attention to the boxes. Adding the Pink-A-Ween VBPen sticker helped pull this section together.
Once I finished the top section, it was time to focus on the bottom half. I knew that I wanted to add a checklist, so I used my Tombow marker (#772) to add some circles down one side.

I also wanted to add more roses, so I decided to create a little cluster in the bottom corner.
The last thing I did was to add the categories to the box stickers. 
There are so many things you could document! In addition to the ones I chose, here are a few other categories you could use to build your Currently pages:
  • Celebrating
  • Focusing on
  • Listening to
  • Hoping for
  • Cooking
  • Buying
  • Dreaming of 

I love how this turned out! I’ve done this a few times over the years, but I do believe that this will be something that I will create more often. Maybe not every month, but I could see myself creating one at the beginning of each season. 

I’d love to see what you're “currently” loving, watching, dreaming of, etc. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Tag me @drinkcoffee.makestuff and @shopvillabeautifful on Instagram and make sure you post in the Villabeautifful Community Facebook group.
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Keisha's Instagram!


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