Pocket Book Set Up


Hello VB lovers! 

This summer has just absolutely flown by and I feel like it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. I know I definitely am not alone in this feeling either! It seems to have been a busy one for quite a lot of people :) 

In the midst of all that I hope you have been able to take some pauses for yourself and enjoy some quiet time however you are doing that, whether it be unwinding with a good book or crafting your little fingers away. I know for myself I am looking forward to an upcoming trip in August where I will be taking a full two weeks off from work and I have already told myself I will be keeping my to-do list to a minimum. 

That is where this cute little VB Pocket Book will come in handy. I do not want to take my full planner systems with me as we will just be taking each day as it comes really but I will still need to be able to jot down notes or reminders to myself because that part of me just doesn't ever fully go away lol. I want something convenient to place in my VB canvas tote that houses necessities I will be using like some pens, small sticker sheets, notepad, sticky notes, washi tape etc. 


Here is a list of what I am currently stuffing inside my VB Pocket Book.   


Items used: 

I LOVE this 4x6 notepad because it fits right on top of the pens and still closes just fine with zero of it hanging over the edges as it sits flush with the pocketbook.

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