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Hello VB Fam!

Here we are only weeks away from a new year. Ready or not it is coming and one way I am preparing is setting up my reading journal for the upcoming year. VB’s “Book Club” mini kit came at the right time and here is a quick snapshot of the beginning of my setup. When I received the mini VBKit and saw the notepad I instantly knew I wanted to make it into a bookmark to incorporate into my VB Weeks reading journal. 

  • Highlighter
  • Laminator
  • Scissors

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One thing I love about clear scripts is being able to use different highlighter colors in order to achieve a different look. For this I grabbed a neutral tom bow to make a straight line at the top of the notepad to act as a headline/title eye catcher. 

Once you have made a line you can choose a script of your picking to place on top of it. 


After doing that you are welcome to add deco to it or leave it blank with just the script on it.

Next you will laminate and use scissors to trim off the excess. I prefer to laminate to have it be more durable and last longer. I enjoy doing this simple DIY to be able to jot down page numbers or have a list of books left to read, but with it being laminated it can be reused multiple times.

This notepad is the perfect DIY bookmark because the title can be placed to stick out acting as a place marker in your reading journal or it can even be used as a bookmark in your actual book.

However you use this cute little mini kit and its items I hope you enjoy it! 
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