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It’s been so fun using the new Sweet Side Mini VBKit, I had to carry the summer vibes right into September! I thought that I would share how I’m using it to decorate my monthly spread in my undated VBPlanner. If you haven’t picked up the Sweet Side Mini VBKit or the VBPlanner yet - full kits, kit extras, and undated planner inserts are still available on the website. Here are some links to get you started:

Sweet Side VBKit

VBPlanner Undated Inserts 

The first thing I did was to gather the extra supplies that I always use: VB tweezers and the VB Monthly Calendar Sticker Book. The great thing about the Mini VBKit is that it includes everything else that I need to create a spread - all in one cute little package!
I started with setting up the calendar. The fact that it is undated is so practical because I get to decide if I want a Sunday or Monday start. I normally go with the Monday start, but I love that I can switch it up to give it a different feel. To make sure my dates are in the correct place, I always pull up my phone calendar as a reference when placing the numbers in the boxes.
Since the monthly calendar design includes six full weeks of boxes, I decided to leave the top row empty so that I could use it for important events/information that I need to record for the month.  

To add a little deco, I could not resist using the ice cream washi tape from the Sweet Side Mini VBKit. It certainly will help call my attention to that area.
Next, I used the transparent stickers from the VBKit to add some pops of color to the page. September will be a busy month for me, so I need to maximize the amount of white space I have available.
Next, I focused on the top area of the calendar and the sidebar. I added a dot sticker to each box in the top row of the calendar to add those important events that I need to stand out.

These will include reminders, work trainings for the month, and birthdays. On the sidebar, I added a sticker to use for a daily cleaning schedule at the top and a header sticker for a place to record monthly goals at the bottom.
I just had to add these adorable little ice cream stickers to the spread, so I decided to include them between the two sections as a way to break the space up visually.
And that’s it! I love how this spread turned out. I think my favorite part of the design is the sidebar area. I will definitely use this idea more often.

I hope that this gives you another way to decorate your monthly spread. I can’t wait to see what the next Mini VBKit includes. Until then, I’ll be enjoying the last days of summer all month!
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