Using Blank Headers in VBWeeks
Hello Villabeautifful family!

I hope you all had a wonderful and magical December. It definitely flew by (at least for me) but before jumping in full force into all things 2024 I wanted show you all how I utilized the blank headers in the Gilded VB Sticker Book to set up my front page in my VBWeeks planner.

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I wanted to do a simple layered look for the blank headers. I utilized the paint spot (page 11 in the sticker book) to lay a base in three different sections on the left hand side of the monthly front view in the VBWeeks planner. 

Once I had them placed, I then chose the blank header of choice and layered them on top of the pink transparent stickers. 

After I have the blank headers placed, I layer a VB script sticker on top of the blank header. There are many options on the VB site for scripts to choose from, these are the ones I decided on for this month. 

Next I use cute deco from the Gilded Mini sheet to fill in and add to the header. 

I always end up making bullets for my lists. There are so many options, I hope this gave you an idea or two to customize this to your liking for your planner system. 

Have an awesome January, may it be filled with love and joy! I can't wait to see what you all create this year with these beautiful products.
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