Dot Grid B6 Journal with Me
Hello beautifful VB fam!

It has been several months since I have done a blog and I must admit I have missed it. I hope that you are all doing well and I look forward to bringing you more VB journal ideas. I will be using the VBWeeks notebook (tan) and the Black Dot Grid VB journal throughout this process.

For this year I have set a commitment to further doing inner soul work and utilizing journaling as a tool to do so. I look forward to highlighting products that Tiff offers in the shop that can be used along with growing and blossoming through it all. I encourage anyone out there to give journaling a try and see how it can help you in some kind of self care way. For me personally it helps me unwind and is sometimes therapeutic to turn on some good music, pull out some products and get lost on anything but responsibilities for a bit even if for just 20 minutes a day. It truly does help me be able to free up space in my mind simply by getting those thoughts out on paper, it doesn't hurt that the pages you write on are unique and cute :) 

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When I sit down to journal I tend to pull things out that I feel will work well together, but please remember there is no right or wrong and creativity & beauty differs from person to person. Just do what works and makes YOU happy! 
The corner pieces that are included in the VB sticker books are the perfect size and corner decor for a journal spread in the black bow journal. I decided to decorate the opposite corners in this particular spread. 
Now that I have my corners decorated I am going to focus on adding some kind of main center piece on the right page. I always start by positioning stickers while they still have the backings on them, I do not remove the back until I have an idea of where I am wanting the stickers give or take. There are times I reposition stickers slightly after but it has helped me lessen the mishaps I have of placing a sticker wrong or disliking the position of it. 

Tip: use a pencil to make a mark on the page that you can erase or will cover up with a sticker, think of how you hang a picture and make marks for nails. I use this same thinking when doing my layouts and spreads! My husband gets a good little chuckle at this lol. 
Once I have placed my main stickers down I begin to layer just a bit here and there to create the look I am going for. Everyone is different in their preference with layering, again there is no right or wrong when it comes to journaling just have fun with it! 
Once I have layered to my liking I always add extra decor in the form of quotes/words or small decor pieces like flowers. I then begin to add a small deco focal point on the left hand side.

I begin by laying down my base sticker on which I choose the ink splotch (I don't know if this is the correct terminology? LOL). These are amazing pieces to use for layering! They add color but allow you to add more detailed pieces adding some balance to your layout. 

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You can continue to add extra filler pieces like scraps of paper, extra stickers or washi. I will fully admit I have never had any two journal layouts be exactly the same and in each one I can find something that I love because it's something that I created, perfect or not.

I hope this quick blog inspired you in some small way and gave you ideas that you could run with when it comes to decorating your pages. Make sure to stay tuned as I will continue to showcase my VB journal journey this year. 
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Laura's Instagram!


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