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I’m so excited to share this small project with you! Since I don’t really journal, I always struggle with ways to use the Bits + Pieces packs that are included in some of our monthly VBKits. When I received the Belle Ame Anniversary VBKit, I looked through the images that were used in the Bits + Pieces pack and just knew I wanted to use them in such a way that I would see them often - not just in one spread. I decided that the best way to do so was to create a bookmark for my planner. That way, I could move it from one week to the next and have a pretty and functional tool that would last. 

Keep reading to see how quick and easy this was to make.

Tools needed:
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The first thing I did was to measure out and cut a piece of white cardstock down to 9.5 inches long. I wanted to keep the width intact to make it easier to punch. 
Once it was cut, I punched it along that 9.5 inch side. I use the disc-bound VBPlanner, but this can easily be done using any system.
Then, I used my paper trimmer to cut the width down to 2 inches.
Next, I laid down a strip of the Vintage Script washi tape along the cut edge and trimmed off the excess.
The next part of the project was to pick out the pieces. I chose the handbags because they are just the cutest! Did you notice the VB Crossbody image? Talk about attention to detail! 

Since they are transparent, I left the white backing on each piece. I secured them to the edge of the strip using double-sided tape. I wanted to create some dimension, so I let each piece hang over the side. 
To make it durable, I decided to laminate it. When putting the piece inside the laminating pouch, I left the punched side out. This is completely optional. My disc punch doesn’t do well with lamination, but if you have a way to punch through lamination easily, you can laminate the bookmark and then punch.
The last thing I did was to trim around the edges of the images and the cardstock, being sure not to break the seal created from the lamination. 
I think it turned out to be a perfect little addition to my planner. I can use it to mark the current month, the week I’m currently planning, or even to create a different section in my planner for notepaper, for example.
I hope this inspired you to think out of the box when using different pieces of your monthly VBKits. I think I’ll be making more of these with the Bits + Pieces packs from past and future VBKits. 

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