Washi Waterfall Edge
Hello beautiful VB family!

I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to share a quick way I used the Belle Ame Washi Tapes (which are absolutely gorgeous by the way!) to create waterfall pages in my new black bow VB journal. It is a project that doesn't take long at all and the end product always ends up being cute. 

  • Exacto knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Cardstock/a stiff backing to cut on 

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I am going to be using the three Belle Ame washi tapes. I count three pages as each edge of each page will be lined with each of the washis. We will just be layering them and in order to achieve this we will be measuring and cutting the pages. 

First you will want to take the washi that will be the LAST page of your washi waterfall, as with this project I have found its easier to work backwards. With this washi you will simply line it on the page and trim around the page edges.
Once you have this first strip of washi laid and have the edges trimmed down, you will now work on the next page. You will want to see your previously laid washi and draw a line where that washi is going to as this is what we will cut to give it that layered look. This is one reason I love doing this on dot grid pages because you can count how far to go in on the edge by counting the dots if necessary.

TIP: Once you are at this stage and after tracing a line where you will be cutting, make sure you lay down a thick cardstock or something stiff that you can cut on that will not cut through to the page with the washi on it. 
After cutting you will take your next washi, line the edge, & trim the edges. 
Next you repeat the previous step on the final page using the last washi left. 
After you have completed this, you can choose to leave the front page blank or decorate it like I did. There is no true wrong or right way which is the beauty of journaling and also planning YOUR way, do what makes you happy! I hope this helped sparked some inspiration in you. The possibilities are endless! 
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  • Laura W: November 08, 2023

    I love this! I’m going to try it out in my craft journal, thanks.

  • Sandra Bryant: November 08, 2023

    Just fabulous!

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