Advent Calendar VBKit Details
In this Advent VBKit, you will receive 12 exclusive individually wrapped VB products. You can open these on an advent schedule of one a day for 12 days in December or whenever you would like. There will also be a bonus item included! Perfect little gift for someone on your holiday list!

Because the Advent VBKits are shipping in boxes instead of envelopes, there will be an increase for shipping cost. This is based on weight and shipping location which is calculated by USPS, not VillabeauTIFFul.

Usually during Kit Week, we share product reveals on the ShopVillabeauTIFFul social media channels and in the Villabeautifful Community on Facebook. The contents of the Advent VBKit will not be revealed during Kit Week so that it can be a surprise when you open it!

All Advent VBKit preorders will also receive coordinating digitals. When your VBKit is marked as shipped, you will receive an email letting you know the digital downloads are ready.
Last year we received feedback that a lot of people were disappointed to see 2019 Advent VBKit products revealed on social media. We kindly ask that you please refrain from posting your Advent VBKit products without cover photos & spoiler warnings until December 25th. We know we can't enforce this but we ask so that those who choose to open one a day in December do not have their goodies spoiled while scrolling Instagram or Facebook.

Product reveals will not be approved in the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group. Any posts or comments that include photos or details about the Advent VBKit products will be removed.

For those of you who can't wait and want to see the full kit before you get it, Tiff will post the official VB Merry Minimalist VBKit Reveal to the Villabeautifful Youtube Channel sometime after all the kits go out. This will be the only place where you'll see the contents of the kit. 

We understand that it is incredibly exciting to open up all of your pretty products and we all love to share that excitement but 2020 has been a heck of a year... Please help us do what we can to preserve someone's joy and surprise at unwrapping their VB goodies on their own timeline! Thank you all so much for your consideration & understanding!!

- NO ADDRESS CHANGES will be made after your order has been placed. Please verify that all of your information is correct PRIOR to checking out with your preorder. VillabeauTIFFul is not responsible for orders that get delivered to wrong or older addresses. 

- Once your preorder has been placed, it cannot be changed or canceled under any circumstances. Please verify that all of your information is correct PRIOR to checking out with your preorder.

- There will be a limit of ONE ADVENT VBKIT per customer / account / household. If you need to purchase an additional VBKit for a gift or for another household member, please contact VB Customer Service via the contact form on the website prior to October 20th. Any orders / accounts with more than one Advent VBKit & without prior VB approval will be canceled without notification.

- The Advent VBKit must be purchased on it's own. It will be shipped on it's own and shipping cannot be combined with other products or with past/future orders.

- VB Reward Points may be used and must be added during check out. Codes/discounts will not be applied after your order has been placed.

- Estimated timeframe for shipping notifications will be 11/19 - 11/25. If there are any delays, it will be communicated via a weekly newsletter, in the preorder listing, and posted all over VB social media channels. Shipping labels will be pre-printed so please allow 2-3 days after receiving a shipping notification email to check on your tracking. 

NOVEMBER 17TH UPDATE: The Advent VBKits will be shipping later than expected due to product shipment delays beyond our control. Currently, the November VBKits are estimated to ship the first week of December, or as soon as all of the VBKit products arrive. The last remaining products we have been waiting for are stuck in shipment or in customs. We will continue to send out updates in the VB Newsletters to keep you all in the loop. We apologize for this inconvenience & we appreciate your patience as we work towards getting your orders out as soon as we possibly can!

Watch Angelica's unboxing of the 2019 Advent VBKit!
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