Sept 15th Tiffy Tuesday & VBKit Extras Release Info

Happy Anniversary VB!! Tiffy Tuesday & Beautiffy Your Planner 2.0 VBKit Extras will be released on Tuesday, September 15th at 11 AM PST | 2 PM EST.

There will be full Beautiffy Your Planner 2.0 VBKits, basic & paper pack, along with individual products listed at this time. Full VBKits will be VERY limited & will most likely sell out quickly as they are leftovers from preorders. Max 1 per customer/account/household. Your order will be canceled without notification/ warning. There will be a price increase from the preorder purchase amount. There will be purchase limits in place for kit extras as well.

 UPDATE 9/15: KITS ARE IMPERFECT with minor cosmetic imperfections to the some of the products in the kit. Please read the listings and initial the statement before checking out. 

We've had an abundance of emails lately for changing incorrect or outdated addresses. Please check the mailing information in your VB Account before placing an order to make sure it's current & correct. The VB Store Policy has more information for shipping, order changes, Tiffy specials, & more. 


Please read our recent VB Blog: Shipping & Tracking Delay Info for information on shipping windows, delayed USPS tracking updates, & helpful links.  




How much will the price increase be for full BYP 2.0 VBKits? UPDATE 9/15 there will be no price increase instead the kits will now be lower in price due to all extra kits being labeled as IMPERFECT. 


Will individual VB Clutches come with the B6 Sampler Insert and the sticker album insert that were included with the full kit, or will those be available separately? The individual VB Clutches will come with the sampler inserts, clear pocket insert and the keychain. They will also be listed individually. 


Other than kit extras, what else will be released for Tiffy Tuesday? The email mentions new stickers, and a surprise VBPen which you'll need to check out when it's release time. 


Will all three of the VBKit pens be available individually & as part of the full kits? Kit pens are always released with new release pens not with kit extras. The full kits that are releasing on Tiffy Tuesday do have the pens. 


What will the purchase limits be for VBKit extras? It depends on the product. Please check the listing prior to purchasing. If there's not a limit listed you are more than welcome to purchase whatever you quantity you would like. 


Is there a purchase limit for the full kits? Yes, it will be 1 per person/household/account. Do not make separate accounts to purchase. If we find that you purchased over the allowed amount your orders will be canceled without notice. 


 Will the full kits be shipped in a box? Yes, the full kits will be shipped in a box which is why the rate for shipping is higher. 


Can I use VB Reward Points on the full VBKit extras ? VB Reward Point codes can be used towards your purchase. Your points need to be redeemed and your code must be entered on the checkout screen before you complete your purchase. We will not accept codes or apply points after your order has been placed. Points will not be awarded from orders made as a guest or not signing in with your VB Account. 


If I place multiple orders for Tiffy Tuesday / Kit Extras, will you combine shipping? We will not be combining orders. During these times we get more orders than usual and want to make sure we can start fulfilling orders right away.


Where can I get a preview of the Beautiffy Your Planner 2.0 VBKit items? Tiffany has a reveal video available HERE with all of the items included with the VBKit. 


** Please remember that kit extras (full kits and single loose products) are VERY LIMITED because they are leftovers from packing the preordered kits. You will need to check out super fast as there are hundreds of other people who are wanting the same product you are. 

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    When can I buy the 2021 calendar?

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