VB Tutorial: A5 Storage Pouch
Hi Villapeeps!

Today I am going to show you how I made a decorative storage pouch for my A5 planner using the Merry Minimalist VBKit!

Materials Used: 

The vinyl envelope from the VBKit
Either a digital paper printed or a paper from the paper pack
A cutter or scissors
A paper of your preferred planner size 
Transparent card or stickers 
Clear adhesive pouches 
Washi tape
Hole punch 
Step 1
First I took a piece of A5 paper to use as a template to measure the size of pouch I want. I cut both the pouch and decorative paper to size. 
Step 2
Next, I tucked the decorative paper towards the back of the pouch. You will see that it folds in a number of places so it can expand. 
Step 3
I used the thicker washi from the Advent VBKit to close the open side of the pouch then punched it to fit into an A5 planner.
Step 4
I then placed 2 adhesive pockets onto the pouch. I wanted to use this to display the stickers and transparent cards. The bigger pocket I used for my page flags.  
I am so happy with how this turned out! I was able to put it in my A5 planner to use as a little storage pouch. Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for reading!!
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