VB Tutorial: Be Well Dividers
Hello VB community! 

Anyone else completely shocked that we are in JUNE, half way through the year already and it doesn’t even seem real! I hope you are all doing well and that you are loving the May’s Be Well Kit if it is something you pre-ordered. Today I am going to share with you how I love to update my planner with each new kit. I love to start that process by making new dividers for my planner out of the paper pack. This is a super easy but awesome way to utilize your kit items and update your planner's look for the new month. Last month we had the gorgeous designer collaboration, Primrose Garden, and although I am SO in love with it I can’t wait to use my new Be Well VBKit to set up this month. I am looking forward to getting back in focus with myself and this kit's self care theme will be perfect for that.

Items needed:
VB May Be Well Paper Pack
VB May Be Well transparent cards 
VB May Be Well page flags 
VB May Be Well sticker deco sheet 

Paper Cutter - I use a Fiskars that I purchased on Amazon
Hole punch - since I am making mine for my mini happy planner I will be using a happy planner hole punch. You can create these dividers to fit your planner so therefore if you have a different set up i.e rings etc then you will use what is necessary to be able to hole punch your dividers to fit into your planner. 

Alright now let’s start the fun but super simple task of updating our planners with the May’s Be Well kit items! Pictured below is what my “before’s” looked like with the Primrose paper pack as my dividers. By the end of this blog you will see how easy it is to transform your planner look with the VBKit items. The first portion of my planner that I updated was making a washi dashboard. I made a similar item with last month's Primrose Garden kit that follows the same basic steps of creating a washi dashboard. You can find the tutorial HERE.

In this blog we will be focusing on making our new paper pack dividers which I love to layer with my transparent cards for some beautiful decorations to look at in my planner. 

First before we dive in, here is the washi dashboard that I made using the Be Well washi set:
I am already loving the changes so far!! 

Now let's get started in making our paper pack dividers. First step is you will want to choose which craft paper you are wanting to use for your divider(s). I have decided to go with the one that is pictured below for my first one that I will show you how to make. You will see that I am going to use my clear divider that I place my transparent cards in as my sizing guide. 
You will line up whatever sizing guide it is that you are using to make your divider. After tracing out your divider you will then use a paper cutter to get rid of the excess craft paper. Once I finish cutting out my divider I then make sure that the sizing is correct for what I am wanting. I like to do this prior to hole punching my divider so I am not wasting the craft paper if for whatever reason the size ends up not being correct. 
Now that I have made sure the sizing is what I am wanting I will hole punch the divider so I can place it in my mini happy planner. 
Once the divider is hole punched and placed in my mini happy planner this is what it looks like.
Then when I layer my clear card divider on top of it, it brings another beautiful element to my planner I feel :) 
As you can see from last month's set up I used the blue transparent flags from the Primrose Garden kit to mark where my dividers are in my planner. We are going to not only switch out our dividers from the April kit to the May’s kit but we will be using the Be Well kit transparent flags to further distinguish the dividers in my planner as shown below. 
Now I will repeat these steps to finish my other two dividers that I am needing for my planner. You can totally change things up to fit your needs and your personal preferences but this is such a simple, functional and gorgeous way to use your VBKit items. If you create some yourself please tag me @lala_planslife on instagram as I would love to see your own creations and twists on things. That is one thing I absolutely love about this VillabeauTIFFul Community is the creative and artistic minds that help inspire others, which so many of you do for me - so thank you! 

And now for the final product...
One thing I love about doing this is that the items used and created can be saved for future use, further making the kits and the kit items well worth the purchase! There are so many possibilities and endless crafting you can do with the VillabeauTIFFul kits. I look forward to seeing what you all create and I hope that you stay safe and healthy. Here’s to a month of self care, reflection, and growth. 

Love, Laura 
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Laura's Instagram!


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