VB Tutorial: Custom Task Cards
Hi Villapeeps!

Today I will be showing you one project I made with my Merry Minimalist Advent VBKit. I made customized task cards to use in my A5 ring planner, with a simple decorated monthly spread using the VBKit sticker book. 
Materials Used:

- Transparent cards from the VBKit 
- Recycled clear card 
- VBKit sticker book
- Microperm pen (my fave for writing on page flags) 
- My A5 ring planner
- VBKit page flags
- Hole punch (I used my Rapesco, found on Amazon) 

For my first task card, I used a recycled clear card - any card will do. I placed a pay bill sticker from the sticker book on here as I will be tracking my monthly bills to be paid on this task card. 

Next, I used the errands label from the sticker book to put on one of the transparent cards from the VBKit. Notice in the photo below how I chose a horizontal card for this one, while the other task card was vertical. I liked the dimension it added to this spread!
Next, you will need different page flags. You can use some of the stickers from the sticker book such as the icons, depending on what tasks you want to track. I wrote down on the page flags what each errand or bill was. 

Lastly, hole punch the cards if you want to put them in the rings of your binder. I placed mine in between my monthly layout pages. You can also reuse the page flags & task cards each month and then carry them over to the new month. These work great for more frequent errands for your weekly or daily layouts, too!

I used various stickers from the sticker book to place and layer throughout the monthly pages as well. 
I'm so happy with how these came out and I hope you enjoy doing something similar if it can add some functionality to your planning. 
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Thanks for reading!
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